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Valentine’s day is the time for giving and for most of us that means racking our brains to try and find the right gift. Most people fall back on the old cliches of chocolates and flowers but instead this year you should look to get your other half something way more practical.

The Pedi Perfect might not seem like a great gift on Valentine’s day at first glance, but once you take a closer look at all the benefits you might start seeing how it can benefit you and your partner.


Amope Pedi Perfect

Foot care using Pedi PerfectAmope are a company that specialise in footcare. They have created a diverse selection of products to help keep your feet smooth and healthy, ready to show them off in sandals or barefoot.

Rough and callused feet are becoming more common for everyone. We’re working harder and spending longer on our feet. This puts a considerable amount of strain on our feet who are trapped inside shoes for the majority of the day. Shoes themselves can be the problem in some cases as they rub into our feet and damage the skin.

The result is a thickening of our skin tissue which is hard to the touch and sometimes very sore.

Common treatments for calluses involve using files and grinders. Even just the idea of this fills us with dread and you can imagine the difficulty involved to do this without any pain. What’s more these are slow processes and creates an awful lot of work for sometimes sketchy results.

Amope have created the Pedi Perfect as an alternative to these old school treatments. Designed to be fast and efficient they let you get the smooth, elegant feet that you’re after.


Pedi Perfect Features

The Pedi Perfect is an electronic foot filer made specifically to give you perfect looking feet without all the hassle. The Pedi Perfect is designed to be easy to hold and use with an ergonomic shape making it easy to manoevre over the targeted area.

The Pedi Perfect uses the diamond advantage. As we all know diamonds are one of the hardest substances on earth and the Pedi Perfect has them built into the roller. This means a much easier experience and much smoother skin. Despite the tough diamonds the roller is actually more comfortable than all the competitors and when used right it feels great.

Not all hardened skin is the same, that’s why the Pedi Perfect comes with three different heads. You can choose between the coarse, extra coarse and soft tough rollers depending on what you need and what you prefer. For all your really touch built up calluses use the extra course head and on soft skin use the soft touch roller. The heads are simple and easy to switch so there’s no fuss.


Pedi Perfect Reviews

The Pedi Perfect is one of the most popular products around and the user reviews are overwhelmingly positive. The Pedi Perfect is affordable and effective at what it does, if you want smooth feet it’s definitely one to look out for.

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