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Tips to keep in mind when hiring our babysitter

Planning time away from the baby means you must find a reliable nanny so you can treat the baby just as you would. Although it is not the same, you can find a person of confidence to be able to go to work or where you should go with complete peace of mind, knowing that your baby will be in good hands and taken care of all the time.

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Night Nanny for babyThis may seem impossible, but it is necessary to take into account some of the qualities needed for you to find the best nanny and to be able to take excellent care of your child. The ideal is to take some steps to help the new trusted nanny to know you, to know your baby and also to become familiar with your home. The person in your child’s care should have the necessary information at hand, such as the most important phone numbers or where to reach you in case of an emergency.

Tips to familiarize a new nanny with your home

Safety and first aid

You should know that the babysitter has adequate training in first aid, this is essential to be able to act quickly in dangerous moments where this training is required. In this sense, it prioritizes the choice of the nanny who knows how to perform first aid techniques. It is also essential that you remember some points of safety in the care of your baby if it is important you can leave them written (although if you have already looked after babies, they are things you should know):

The baby should not be placed in an adult bed or high surface, they are fast, they slide and can fall.

You should place the baby on his back to sleep.

It is necessary for the nanny to know the signs of illness in a baby: changes in skin color, sweating, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, excessive irritation, etc.

Show your nanny where you keep fire extinguishers in case of fire, explain how they are used.

Make sure the nanny knows where the first aid supplies are kept.

Remind the babysitter to keep any small plastic items, balloons or anything else out of the baby’s reach.

Never leave the baby alone in the bathroom or a room. Not for two seconds. If you have to answer the door or telephone, the baby should go with her.

Become familiar with the home

Before leaving the babysitter alone with your baby, make sure you know each corner of the house well.

Make sure all the windows are closed, and the babysitter knows how to keep them closed.

Shows the babysitter how to use the safety doors to avoid falls.

Show the kangaroo where there are lanterns in case the light goes out, where the counters are, etc.

Make sure the babysitter knows where the scissors, knives and other objects are that can cause injuries so that they are kept away from your children at all times.

It is necessary to remember that caring for children is more than a service that allows parents to work. Caring for children can affect the child’s development in many ways: physical, emotional, intellectual and social. This is why it is essential to find quality child care that is appropriate for your children. Care must be taken in choosing people who charge little or who have no training because this could be a severe problem in the long run. Quality care to your children will give you total peace of mind.