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​Comments needed on NY's Draft Energy Plan 2014!
At this point, The Draft Energy Plan has nothing to get us to a brighter, healthier future and the deadline is MAY 30,2014! ​ Truth, facts and key documents are necessary to reviewing the so-called Draft Plan.
A Good Energy Plan should: 
Plan to meet the State policy goal reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions --80% Reduction in Total Greenhouse Gas emissions by 2050
Plan to meet 2015 goals for energy efficiency (15%) and renewable energy (30%) goals and significantly expand these goals-- 25% efficiency and 40% renewables by 2030. 
Stop investing scarce dollars in dirty, dangerous energy -- nuclear and fossil fuels and plan for orderly closure of the worst facilities. 
Halt all efforts to expand natural gas infrastructure and halt fracking.
Reduce costs for Low Income consumers
Reduce pollution and health impacts primarily be investments in clean energy solutions-- energy efficiency and renewable energy ( solar, wind, hydo, tidal) and avoiding biomass combustion.
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Make a difference for New York’s environment and public health by registering for the 24th annual Earth Day Lobby Day on Monday, May 5th at the state Capitol in Albany!

Join hundreds of citizens to advocate for laws that will help make New York a national green leader.

The items for which we will be advocating include, but are not limited to: 
-Child Safe Products Act
-Climate Change
-Fracking Moratorium
-Toxic Waste Cleanups
-GMO Labeling​
                   Environmental Advocates of New York Facebook Page and INFO: 

Register for the 24th annual Earth Day Lobby Day on Monday, May 5th at the State Capitol in Albany!​


The Spring Campaign to Stop Fast Track is just next week! As temperatures outside finally warm up, we’ll be turning up the heat on House Democrats who still have not come out against Fast Track, and mainstream media outlets that are still ignoring this important issue.
During the week of April 21st, President Obama will be in Asia working to finalize the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). 
Meanwhile, U.S. Members of Congress will be in their districts schmoozing with donors and community leaders, their minds on mid-term elections

 Add your name to the “Stop the Secrecy – Don’t Fast Track the TPP” petition: 

 At this website you can see the over 100 organizations opposing fast track, including CEC. Look for our LOGO. We put a very short message about why we are opposed on this website. 


Unconventional Shale Gas Development
Summary Report of Fracking & Public Health Summit
held November 1-2, 2013

Fourteen health professionals* attended a public health summit to review the mounting evidence of environmental and occupational harm to public health associated with unconventional shale gas development. The Summit was cosponsored by David Carpenter, M.D., and the Institute for Health and the Environment at the University at Albany and Barbara Warren, RN, MS, Executive Director of Citizens' Environmental Coalition. These health professionals initiated a process of assessing risk factors and health effects with the goal of developing public health recommendations, and collaborating in the production of a policy paper. 
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​Etched in Cement? Court Closes Kiln Loophole! April, 2014

A federal court ruled Friday that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) can no longer let cement plants off the hook for fines if the plants - or kilns - spew dangerous pollution and claim it was the result of what's known as an "upset" or a mistake. 
. . . 
"This loophole, this malfunction provision - we're so glad that this was closed for cement plants," Warren said. "We think it will have more impact down the road, too, so I'm very pleased." 
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The mission of the P2I is to provide a state-wide, comprehensive and integrated program of research, technology development and diffusion, outreach, training and education aimed at making New York State more sustainable for workers, the public, the environment and the economy through: 

•Reductions in toxic chemical use
•Reductions in emissions to the environment and waste generation
•The efficient use of raw materials, energy and water 

Tell Governor Cuomo: Protect Our Health and Safety - Ban Fracking in NY! 

The Governor's plan acknowledges that fracking poses a danger to the largest water supplies by banning fracking there. It provides the least protection for smaller communities and individual homeowners, those least able to protect themselves from large corporations. We need equal protection under the law. 

Act Now
No Climate and Public Funds for Dirty Engery

A Sign-On Statement to be Sent to the Transitional Committee of the Green Climate Fund and Other Concerned Local, Regional and National Governments

Tell them: Public money must be used for public good and benefit: in waste management, as in every other field, it is past time to adopt practices that build a healthy society and just economy within the ecological limits of the Earth.

Click here to read more and sign on
Tell Congress to phase out old nuclear reactors!

Tell Congress to support safe, clean, renewable energy, not dangerous nuclear power.

In the United States, 1 in 3 Americans live within 50 miles of a nuclear plant and are threatened by a nuclear disaster. These dangerous old nuclear plants are vulnerable to natural disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes, as well as deliberate attack, and Fukushima showed how catastrophic a nuclear meltdown can be for people living nearby when a disaster knocks out power to a nuclear plant.

Tell Congress that you don't want the next Fukushima disaster in your backyard.
Petition to Shut Down the FitzPatrick Reactor

The petition asks for the immediate suspension of the plant's operating license, public hearings on the safety of the plant, and the public release of a post-Fukushima safety reassessment.

Click here to send a letter to the NRC

CEC, Joins Others to Petition the NRC for Expanded Evacuation Zones & Better Emergency Planning around Nuclear Reactors
Citizens’ Environmental Coalition (CEC) has joined 38 other clean energy groups around the nation in submitting a formal petition for rulemaking to the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) seeking adoption of new regulations to expand emergency evacuation zones and improve emergency response planning around U.S. nuclear reactors. 

Click here to read the full text of the petition

Toxic Chemicals
Zero Waste
Radioactive Waste/ West Valley
Climate Change & Clean Energy
Marcellus Gas Drilling