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Best Voucher Codes for Health Products

Health is paramount and when it comes down to it the health of you and your family is more important than anything else. A healthy life has a lot of benefits. You have more energy, you’re happier and life becomes a lot easier. Your body is able to fight sickness and you’re less likely to suffer from any long term problems which can strike as you get older.

There’s been a shift in culture lately and more people are realising the benefits of being healthy. Gym memberships are soaring with personal trainers getting more business than ever. Health foods and vegan options are also the hottest trend with stores and restaurants all over the place giving us more choice.

It’s not just about the diet and exercise though. Our body needs certain ingredients in order to work well and these aren’t always found in our normal lifestyle. Supplements like iron and magnesium are essential for our health yet we don’t always meet our recommended RDA. By using health products and supplements we can give the body what it needs, allowing our organs and systems to work as well as they can.

Healthy bodies lead to healthy minds and healthy lives. We all know that being healthy takes work ,which we’re happy to put in, but what often isn’t realised is the financial cost of having this healthy lifestyle.

Expensive Health Products

healthspan voucherThere are a lot of different brands creating health products. These range from the online stores to the more niche high street shops which carry a range of products. Often you’ll find a variety in the quality of product so you need to be careful where you buy.

Unfortunately a lot of the more well known and reliable brands are charging a premium for their products. Health products are becoming increasingly expensive, with supplements now burning a big hole in your wallet.

If you’re looking to get supplements for you and your family you’ll need think again. Buying several varieties of health product can quickly add up and you find that your budget is eaten away with little to show for it.

Health Product Voucher Codes

Of course you don’t want to take any chances when it comes to your family’s health so you need to find a way to get these supplements without breaking the bank. One of the most effective ways to secure bargains online is through voucher codes, and it’s no different for health products.

Voucher codes work by offering a discount of certain products and brands. Normally you enter a code at checkout and the discount is automatically applied, giving you the saving, but certain codes work differently. Unfortunately a lot of brands don’t feature discount codes so you can’t make any savings this way.

Healthspan are one of the fastest growing and well known online retailers for health products. They have a range of different products designed to help in daily life and keep your body functioning.

Healthspan have a number of discount codes available to keep the cost of your health products and supplements low. If you’re looking to stock up on healthy products then you should definitely check out the products and the offers.

Check out the full list of the latest voucher codes here:

Pedi Perfect is the Best Valentine’s Day Gift

Pedi Perfect is the Best Valentine’s Day Gift

Valentine’s day is the time for giving and for most of us that means racking our brains to try and find the right gift. Most people fall back on the old cliches of chocolates and flowers but instead this year you should look to get your other half something way more practical.

The Pedi Perfect might not seem like a great gift on Valentine’s day at first glance, but once you take a closer look at all the benefits you might start seeing how it can benefit you and your partner.


Amope Pedi Perfect

Foot care using Pedi PerfectAmope are a company that specialise in footcare. They have created a diverse selection of products to help keep your feet smooth and healthy, ready to show them off in sandals or barefoot.

Rough and callused feet are becoming more common for everyone. We’re working harder and spending longer on our feet. This puts a considerable amount of strain on our feet who are trapped inside shoes for the majority of the day. Shoes themselves can be the problem in some cases as they rub into our feet and damage the skin.

The result is a thickening of our skin tissue which is hard to the touch and sometimes very sore.

Common treatments for calluses involve using files and grinders. Even just the idea of this fills us with dread and you can imagine the difficulty involved to do this without any pain. What’s more these are slow processes and creates an awful lot of work for sometimes sketchy results.

Amope have created the Pedi Perfect as an alternative to these old school treatments. Designed to be fast and efficient they let you get the smooth, elegant feet that you’re after.


Pedi Perfect Features

The Pedi Perfect is an electronic foot filer made specifically to give you perfect looking feet without all the hassle. The Pedi Perfect is designed to be easy to hold and use with an ergonomic shape making it easy to manoevre over the targeted area.

The Pedi Perfect uses the diamond advantage. As we all know diamonds are one of the hardest substances on earth and the Pedi Perfect has them built into the roller. This means a much easier experience and much smoother skin. Despite the tough diamonds the roller is actually more comfortable than all the competitors and when used right it feels great.

Not all hardened skin is the same, that’s why the Pedi Perfect comes with three different heads. You can choose between the coarse, extra coarse and soft tough rollers depending on what you need and what you prefer. For all your really touch built up calluses use the extra course head and on soft skin use the soft touch roller. The heads are simple and easy to switch so there’s no fuss.


Pedi Perfect Reviews

The Pedi Perfect is one of the most popular products around and the user reviews are overwhelmingly positive. The Pedi Perfect is affordable and effective at what it does, if you want smooth feet it’s definitely one to look out for.

Check out the full Amope Pedi Perfect review

Nectifirm: Before and After

Nectifirm: Before and After

Skincare is about two things, your health and your look. A good skincare regime get’s more complicated as we grow older because we have to worry about more things. Often our skin is the first thing to show our age and a lot of the time there isn’t much we can do. How we treat our skin in our youth will greatly impact how we look when we’re older.

Neck skin is often the biggest giveaway of our true age and unfortunately it’s very common. It’s also some of the hardest skin to tighten because of the elasticity in that portion of our body. Despite how common the loosening of neck and chest skin is, we still feel embarrassed and self conscious.

Thankfully a number of specialised products have been designed to help us deal with our loose neck skin.


Revision Nectifirm Firming Neck CreamAs ridiculous as it may found, people are spending tens of thousands every year to have their neck skin tightened. This elective surgery is often ineffective and just isn’t practical for those of us who don’t have $5000 lying around.

Instead we have to put our faith in specially designed creams just as nectifirm. Nectifirm has the approval of both dermatologists and surgeons and is being hailed as one of the most effective neck creams on the market. Let’s take a closer look at how it works.

Nectifirm is made with a uniquely powerful formula. It contains peptides, various plant extracts and antioxidants. Each of these alone have been proven to have a positive effect on your skin, but when combined together they create something quite incredible.

There aren’t any harsh chemicals involved with nectifirm and it can be used on all different skin types. There aren’t really any side effects, but always consult an expert before starting a new treatment.

Nectifirm is getting glowing reviews from the users who are seeing a real difference in their skin. Available in stores and online it’s one of the most popular and effective neck creams on the market.

Nectifirm before and after

People love taking before and after pictures when using skincare products and Nectifirm is no different. The results are particularly impressive and you can see a lot of tightening in the neck skin.

These type of creams require consistency and patience. There are no shortcuts so be prepared to use the treatment regularly. Continued use will lead to younger looking, tighter skin which reverses the aging.

For more information check out the full Nectifirm review

Top 5 Weight Loss Tips For New Moms

Losing weight after having a baby can be challenging for many women. How to do it while feeling satisfied and energized after meals and without becoming malnourished is an even greater challenge.

dropping extra pregnancy poundsThe female body goes through radical shifts throughout pregnancy. Over the 36-42 weeks of gestation, her blood volume increases by 50%, oxygen consumption at rest increases 10-20%, absorption of nutrients increases, body weight goes up, blood pressure increases 5-10mmHg, and a new human is grown: it is a miracle. And darn hard work.

However, the physical demands of motherhood don’t stop after birth. Recovering from labor, breastfeeding, coping with interrupted sleep, and frequent diaper changing are but a few of the challenges new mothers face.

After so much turbulence, no one can blame them for not feeling patient to have their bodies back to their pre-pregnancy size and shape.

Tips for losing the baby weight

winning the battle to lose weight after giving birth

Sleep. Assuming your baby doesn’t sleep, accepting help from others is essential to rest and recovery. This is especially important after the major physical overhaul of giving birth. If family and friends are willing to help, let them. Instead of trying to get errands done, nap with your baby. The first 6 weeks after having a baby is critical healing time and not the time to try and lose weight. Losing sleep will delay recovery and make losing weight down the road more challenging. Don’t focus on cardio aside from walking or aerobic activities you truly enjoy.

Weight training is more effective at weight loss and toning. Start with brief workouts with plenty of rest in between exercises. Eat a diet that is right for you and that leaves you feeling rejuvenated, free of cravings for sweets and satisfied for 2-3 hours. Breastfeeding isn’t an opportunity to overindulge because you think your body will burn up those extra calories making more milk. It does take energy to make breast milk so eat sensibly and until you are satisfied rather than overfull to expedite your results.

Your diet should include plenty of fats such as organic butter, coconut oil, ghee, olive oil, and oils from raw nuts and seeds. High quality protein, preferably from organic animal sources speed up healing and muscle repair. Get out of the house for a walk, especially if you are having a hard day.

Friends, family or joining a new mom’s group are all ways to reinforce that you aren’t alone in this new chapter in your life.

BeFit-Mom offers a variety of prenatal and postpartum resources.

For fitness and nutrition guidance, seek out a qualified professional who has experience working with women postpartum. Other local supportive services include nutritional guidance. The Bay Area has great weather most of the year and plenty of beautiful places to take a stroll with or without the baby.

Even with these suggestions, it may take some women longer to return to what feels “normal” to them. Some changes will happen more quickly than others. It is reasonable for it to take anywhere from 4-12 months for most women. Given what it needs, the body knows how to heal. The real work is trusting and having patience with the process.

4 Healthy and Simple Weight Loss Tips For All Body Types

Here are 4 really important tips to consider when attempting to lose weight or go on a diet. They are easy, but don’t let that fool you, because they can be a very powerful aid in helping you get rid of access body fat.

Drinking 6-8 glasses of preferably purified water each day is the absolute minimum you should be consuming for good health. For instance, your body requires roughly a glass of water to digest each meal. Dehydration has been shown to decrease your metabolic rate which means you burn fat at a much slower pace. Another important aspect of water is that sometimes when you feel hungry, you may actually just be “hungry” for water and not actual food. The body sometimes makes it hard to differentiate between the two. Water also has the effect of suppressing your appetite if had roughly half an hour before your meals. Also don’t make the mistake of thinking that tea or coffee count, because they don’t.

large breakfastsThe most important meal of the day is breakfast. What you eat in the morning will be used as the fuel for your body for that day. If you start to skip breakfast trying to reduce food intake or calories, your body may take this as a sign that there is a food shortage. When this happens, weight loss becomes almost impossible. It also causes some people to overeat at night when you are inactive, causing all the extra calories to be stored as body fat. Try having your biggest meal for breakfast and smallest meal for dinner. This way, your body gets the nutrition it needs during the day and not when it’s getting ready to go to sleep.

Similar to skipping breakfast, drastically reducing your daily calorie intake will also signal to your body that there is a food shortage and that it had better hold on to it’s fat supplies as long as possible. It also deprives you of much needed essential nutrients and brings your metabolism to an almost complete stop. You will also tend to feel depressed and tired while on these types of diets for the same reason. It is unhealthy and one of the worst things you can do to try and lose weight.

Consider adding some natural, organic supplements into your diet. These can include Zinc, Selenium, & Forskolin Extract.

When you eat your meals, take your time and enjoy each bite, taking time to chew slowly and thoroughly. It has been said that it takes about 20 minutes for your stomach to signal the brain that it is full and satisfied. If you eat too fast, you may end up consuming much more food than you actually needed to feel full because your brain hasn’t yet caught up to your stomach.

If you add these above tips to your daily habits, you may find that you start to lose weight without any other type of diet change or exercise activity. Sometimes it only takes a few very small and easy changes to get results.

The Leading Causes of Stretch Marks

stretch marks on legsStretch marks can have a big impact on your daily life. The indented streaks on your body occur predominantly on the back, upper legs, buttocks and abdomen and affect women, men and children. With over 70% of teenage girls affected and 40% of teenage boys it’s an issue that’s impacting a large proportion of the population.

Stretch marks can be alarming for anyone affected by them, especially if they occur suddenly. Despite very rarely having health risks they can lower self confidence and make people body conscious.

Causes of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks can occur in any body type, male or female. There are a number of factors that influence whether you’ll get stretch marks:

● Genetics

The qualities of your skin and health will impact your stretch marks. Those with healthier, well maintained skin that retains it’s elasticity will be less prone to stretch marks. Those with paler skin are much more likely to affected than those with dark skin.

● Hormone production

Increased levels of hormones like cortisone can weaken the elasticated fibres in your skin tissue, making stretch marks a lot more likely.

● Weight Gain

Rapid weight gain is one of the leading causes of stretch marks. The quick change in your body doesn’t allow the skin to catch up, therefore making it stretch more than it is made to do so.

● Pregnancy

In a similar way to weight gain your body changes shape rapidly and is put under various strains. You’ll see stretch marks in over 80% of women, and it’s very common in pregnancies.

● Body Building/Training

stretch mark removal creamsIf you’re training hard in the gym, especially with weights you can see quick results. If your body grows too quickly and is put under too much straight you can see stretch marks appear, specifically in the legs and underarm areas.

There are a variety of reasons that stretch marks can occur, generally they are just related to body changes. If you see stretch marks and you’re unsure of the cause, or just want to be sure, then consult your dermatologist as they will be able to give the most information.

So what exactly happens to cause stretching?
Stretch marks occur because your skin is trying to keep up with your body. As it isn’t able to it stretches to do the job, when it is overstretched it weakens the proteins and collagen in the tissue. The blood vessels in this thin skin layers is exposed and becomes damaged, this leads to the streaks in your skin.

Are there are any treatments?
There are a wide variety of treatments available, both medicated and home remedies. There are debates about the effectiveness of each, for the most reliable information contact a skin care professional who will be able to advise you on the best possible route to take.

CEC News

CEC News

Groups Call for Closure of FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant, Say Entergy is Gambling with Public Safety
A year after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, a statewide alliance is calling on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to suspend operations at the James A. FitzPatrick nuclear reactor near Oswego, New York. NRC documents obtained by the groups show that FitzPatrick’s design poses an especially grave threat to public safety in the event of an accident at the plant.
The New York-based Alliance for a Green Economy (AGREE) has filed a petition with the NRC asking for an emergency enforcement action against the FitzPatrick plant. AGREE is joined in the petition by Beyond Nuclear, a Washington DC-based nuclear watchdog organization. The petition asks for the immediate suspension of the plant’s operating license, public hearings on the safety of the plant, and the public release of a post-Fukushima safety reassessment.
The petition and related documents are available AGREE’s website: